The City of Athens, via the Deputy Mayor For The Child, sends a new open invitation to individuals and legal entities [freelancers, organisations, institutions, museums etc] who are either already active on the school premises or wish to be in the future, to submit their proposals for any activity to be run through the Open Schools program.

Indicatively, the nature of the proposed activities could be the following:

  • Information - training programs for educators, parents, city residents
  • Educational programs for children
  • Entertainment activities [eg sports, theatre, concerts]
  • Exhibitions [eg decentralisation of museum exhibits]
  • Student festivals [eg science fair, music festival etc.]

The submission of proposals for activities for the school year 2016 - 2017, can be made throughout the whole duration of the program. Note that the evaluation of proposals will also take place throughout the entire course of the program. The approved proposals / actions will then be incorporated into the program.