Any proposal submitted to the Athens Open Schools program is evaluated based on it completeness, the educational content and the requested funding. Should the evaluation committee require any clarifications or additional information, the program's working team will be in touch. 

Any proposal for an operation submitted to the Open Schools program is evaluated on the completeness of the proposal, the teaching content and funding. The operator is informed by the project management team if needed clarification or additional information.

Those proposals that are in line with the above, are forwarded to the City of Athens City Council for the final approval. 

Once the proposal gets approved from the City Council, the program's working team gets in touch with the organisation in order to commence the activity.


Some basic criteria are taken into account for the selection of activities to add to the program. They must:

  • Appeal to children, preschool, primary and / or secondary school students, educators and teachers, parents and residents of the local community
  • Be well-designed, consistent and documented plans with clear aims
  • Be consistent with the activities, aims and priorities of the community and the City of Athens.
  • Free of charge or with a very detailed, clear budget

The selected activities will be subject to continuous evaluation during their implementation and may be suspended if they do not meet the agreed criteria and / or if participation is not sufficient. At the same time, successful activities will be encouraged to repeat and/or add additional offerings.



The City of Athens has established a working group to evaluate the educational value of proposals and to select activities to be implemented by the program. It is comprised of the following members:

  • Maria Dimopoulou, Environmental Education Coordinator, Director of Primary Education, Athens
  • Agni Zakopoulou, Counselor, Professor of Applied Pedagogy in the Department of Preschool Education of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens
  • Kostas Kontogiannis, Director of Secondary Education, 1st Experimental School of Athens
  • Stelios Krassas, School Counselor, 32nd Regional Primary Education of Athens
  • Panagiotis Piliouras, School Counselor, 2nd Regional Primary Education of Athens
  • Maria Sfiroera, Assistant Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athen, Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Focus on: Pedagogy for Teaching
  • Petros Charavitsidis, Director of Primary Education, 132nd Primary School of Athens