For parents and guardians only:

Can someone else pick up my child from the school where the activity is running?

If you wish for someone else to pick up your child from school, you must state this in the registration form you fill in at the start of the activity.

What is the process for picking up/dropping off my child?

You need to sign in and sign out when picking up and dropping off your child at the school premises.

How can I find more information about recommending an activity to run as part of the Open Schools program?

You can find more information on our website by visiting the Open Call page throughout the academic year.

How can I submit an activity proposal to the Open Schools program?

Please visit the Open Call tab in order to find all information and guidelines on submitting proposals.

Who evaluates the program of activities running at the Open Schools?

The activities evaluation is conducted by a designated working group. You can find more information on the Monitor and Evaluation section of our webpage.

Frequent questions for every interested party

What are the Open Schools’ hours of operation?

The Open Schools remain open from the time the final school bell of the day rings until 21.30pm during weekdays and from 10am to 8pm on weekends.

Who will open up and close the Open Schools?

There will be a janitor from the Open Schools program that will provide access to the school yard and close up at night, he/she will open up and close the classrooms when they are being used for activities and he/she will always be on school premises to supervise the programme.

Who will clean up the premises that are used by the Open Schools?

When Open Schools close for the day, the school’s outdoor space, toilets and classrooms that were used will be cleaned by a cleaning service hired by the program.

What happens if there is any damage or problems during Open Schools hours of operation?

The security guard is responsible for informing the Open Schools coordinators about any damages or issues so that problems are resolved in a timely manner and damaged items repaired or replaced as needed. The safety and security coordinators of the program will also be closely monitored by the Open Schools coordinators.

How many Open Schools are there?

There are currently 25 schools participating in the program. These are spread across the City of Athens.

Where is the open school that hosts the activity that I want to attend?

Information about directions to the schools is shown on our home page, on the interactive map.

How can I attend an activity at the open school of my choice?

If you are interested in joining an activity, please book your spot online, or call us at 2105277089 or send an email to [email protected] , stating the activity you are interested in, the name and address of the Open School, your full name and your contact details.

What paperwork do I need to submit to register for an activity?

On the first day of the activity, participants are requested to fill in a form with some basic information.

Are there any costs to attend an activity?

All activities of the Open Schools program are free of charge.

Does the program of activities run on a regular schedule?

The program of activities is added to every 15 days.

Can people living outside of the City of Athens limits take part in the activities?

Activities are open to all regardless of the borough they live in.

Can I take part in activities that take place at a school outside of my neighbourhood?

You can! You just need to book a place.

Where can I find a detailed description of the activities?

You can find a schedule and detailed descriptions of each activity offered on our website under the activities tab.

Can I withdraw from an activity?

You can, but please contact us at 210 52 77 089 and let us know in advance.

Are the activities conducted by the school teachers?

The activities are run by professional educators who are selected by the coordinators of the program.

How far in advance do I need to come/ do I need to come earlier to attend the activity?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the activities start. Please remember that you have to book your place in advance in order to attend an activity.

Can I leave earlier (before the activity finishes)?

You can, but please inform the activity coordinator that you will be leaving earlier.